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From: Angyalfol Teri Elementary School
We enjoyed this project last year, and we hope than in this year a lot of Hungarian school will organize different programs. We sent our declaration for a lot of school, different pedagogical institution, special news. We would like to organize on this day different competition: for little children -- tales, for 5-8th classes quiz from sciences and literature. The group will organize together with the teachers. We organize an interactive competition with a Polish school, this theme will be famous novels: Robinson, Little Princess etc. We make a virtual gallery from illustrations, which will make on this day by computer from the novels. I hope that we and you can read more Hungarian programs.
If somebody would like to play with us by Internet, please write us!
Ibolya Barta

This year more Hungarian school organized different programs. Here the new:

Bardos Lajos Elementary School, Hungary, Hajduszoboszlo
We would like to take part in the announced programme. We chose two activities:
1. Drawing of given theme
2. Competition about famous libraries and librarians
We would like to envove the disadvantaged children. We would like to lay the foundation of our future library with the help of the book prize.
Marton Karolyne, librarian

Bocskai István Általános Iskola, Hungary, Budapest
We organize the next programme:
1. reader-writer meeting about the "Burgum Belus, who is a famous master detective.
2. reader-writer meeting with Geza Szavai about the Szekely/Transylvanian Jewish people. The title of this book: Szekely Jerusalem.
3. Sale of books at reduced prices (50%)
4. Exhibition on the specialisties of the Library
5. Search in information in Library -- competition for children
Ferenc Szalai, librarian

Vajda Péter Ének-zene Testnevelés Tagozatos Elementary School, Hungary, Budapest
Our programme is:
1. "Children in the Centre" -- talking about the books of Point Publisher. The guest will be Ilona Szavai, who is the leader of Point Publisher.
2. Sale of books at reduced prices (50%)
We send a photo from our library.
Dr. Jozsef Kriston Vizi, librarian
Gyöngy Jozsefne, director

Szoboszloi Uti Elementary School, Hungary, Debrecen
* For the 1th classes: telling them tales
* For the 3th classes: they make bookmarks as presents for the first classes
* For the 4th classes: competition about books
* Articles, presentations are made about books reading and they are published in our school magazine
* Reports with students who were the Readers of the Year
Ilona Olasz, librarian

Kodaly Zoltan Music Secondary School, Hungary, Debrecen
We organize a little conference for librarians, which theme is: "What is the mission of the School?"
We believe that impossible to realize this mission without school Libraries. We would like to talk about this important position, how can help it the Library, what can do and what must do for the librarians. In this conference will make a beautiful concert by the teachers and students of this school.
Ildiko Stebel, librarian

Arany Janos Elementary School: Our school is very exciting because ISLD. So we will make bookmarks, posters and emblems for this day. We would like to take it to the Internet, and in this way everybody can enjoy it.
Kalmar Zsoltne, Arany Janos Elementary School

Pedagogical Institut, Budapest V. ker. : We organize a special lesson, short conference for teachers. It's theme is: Mathematic lessons in the Library. How can the teachers use Library, different books, different information source in the mathematic or other lessons?
The coordinator is: Eva Kocsis.
The teacher is: Oporne Fodor Marta.
The place is: Veres Palne Secondary School, Budapest
Eva Kocsis